Asbestos sealing and waterproofing

In the past Asbestos was a common building material. Discoveries regarding it’s link to health risks, have made it necessary to implement stringent safety measures when maintaining asbestos in buildings.

Asbestos removal may seem like the first and only choice, to alleviate the dangers of asbestos. Most often the removal of asbestos is an extremely complicated, expensive and lengthy process, which needs to be conducted under stringent controls. There is another option available however, which would be to instead choose to seal and encapsulate the asbestos, within a seamless, dual protective waterproof coating. This can possibly be the safest and most cost effective method of asbestos management involving relatively little disturbance of the asbestos and less on-site time. Our products provide a protective coating and waterproofing solution for asbestos roofs, giving you complete confidence that your roof will be safe and watertight for years to come.

Attempting to remove asbestos or repair an asbestos roof yourself is not only dangerous, but also illegal in South Africa, as it requires a special licence and a deep understanding of asbestos disposal to carry out. If you’re not sure what your roof is made from, or require assistance with your asbestos roof, it’s safer to call in the experts to inspect your roof and offer advice on the best solution for your needs

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