Expansion joints waterproofing

Expansion joints are a constant and frustrating problem for almost every asset owner, with constant movement, traditional waterproofing just cannot keep up. We have a four part system that all interlink, to give the best protection on the market. Because our products never cure or harden, we have the ability to breathe and move with the building for the remainder of it’s life. Our system is as we say, “Stitching the stab wound”, we do not just try put a “plaster” on top and hope it will hold. Our systems for expansion joints have the ability to be inserted into the joint, to which the product adheres to the concrete, and once this has taken place, (within 2-5min), the product will expand and contract with the expansion joint. We then have a surface layer we add, and then the finish the client requires, is added for the aesthetic finish. We have no curing time once application has been complete- it can rain 10 seconds later, or the construction company can continue with work, this helps companies stay on time for completion, which keep clients happy and helps guarantee future work with the client. It is important to seal your expansion joints with a quality product like ours, as the bottom side of concrete is generally not treated, and if  water penetrates the concrete, it may erode or even rust and damage reinforcing bars. As a result, this could cause the area to sump/drop which could lead to collapse, or people/clients getting hurt., we have experienced many occasions whereby severe water ingress has caused major structural damages. Our products have been stress tested in the harshest labs and live sites, with accelerated testing, the product has remained unchanged for a max test time- which was 70 years. Our process is fast and the most effective on the market, we have had ZERO failures to date.

Before & After Images

Before Expansion joint sealant

Expansion joint sealant

During Expansion joint sealing

Completed expansion joint with steel plate

Completed Expansion joint

Unique turnkey Expansion Joint Systems: These include the removal of existing systems, full remedial work, Waterproofing System and Aluminum Plate Covers

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