Roof waterproofing

Roofing application & Capabilities

Some surfaces include flat concrete, corrugated metal sheeting, tiled roofs, and skylights. Because we have a systematic approach to each Site, we develop scenario specific solutions for each area that we encounter- in other words, tailor made solutions utilising our very vast product range. The products are applied to a clean surface, one which has been stripped of all previous waterproofing products, to ensure direct adhesion onto the substrate. Once the area has been sufficiently dried and swept clean from dust and rust particles, a test strip is completed. If the dew point allows for correct adhesion – we begin with the application. Because the product is applied with great ease, the actual application time is minimal. The applicators can complete several 100 square metres per day. Once product is peeled from it’s backing, it is applied to a clean surface, you will achieve direct adhesion. Once the application is complete, as the product is used as a 2-part system, it is painted with a 3-layer mechanical topcoat. During the application, a Health and Safety Supervisor will be present, as well as a Quality Control Supervisor present at all times. The highest standards of application are implemented- to ensure that our stringent guarantee policies remain in place throughout. When completing the mechanical topcoat, many different products can be used. As the product has very few limitations in this regard, a specialised Acrylic Paint can be used, alternatively a Polyurethane variant, Epoxy or simple Tiling with a high flex cement. (All of which are provided by us). The topcoat is applied immediately after application- there is zero down time, no drying time required- you can work with the product as soon as the application has been completed. The product has no limitations with regards to UV exposure, and will not allow for any water penetration once applied. Therefore, a minimum guarantee of 12 years is implemented on a roof, with a life expectancy of over 30 years on the product. Our products can be easily applied to a host of differing roof surfaces

Application to concrete - The Maslow Hotel

Completed Corrugated roof with Tiles application - Sun City

Painted with a 3 layer mechanical top coat - Sun City

Completed Corrugated roof application - Sun City

We are able to help with the following additional concrete and roof waterproofing problems:

  • Concrete Slab waterproofing
  • Shower and bathroom waterproofing, with full remedial work and floor tiling supplied
  • Cracks on roofs, walls and floors which are leaking
  • Expansion joint waterproofing systems (our product breathes and allows movement with the building)
  • Gutter leaks and maintenance
  • Resolving leaking air conditioning and geyers areas
  • Leaking Skylights
  • Corrosion protection

More info about our products

  • Our products are perfect for any type of leaking roof
  • The only requirement would be to clean off the surface area, and then to simply apply the product
  • Once applied, it can be painted or tiled over immediately- so no down time, or waiting for the product to be cured, primed or to have it dry
  • The product is NON-aging, never changes form, and never dries or cracks
  • Excellent anti corrosion protection on any roof - flat, concrete or corrugated
  • Primerless system
  • It will not release any smoke or toxic gasses in the event of a fire- as it is Eco Friendly
  • Resilient, sound damping characteristics
  • The product is self healing - If small tears occur the product will “grow" itself back together
  • Direct adhesion on to glass, HDPE, steel, cast iron, concrete, wood, EPDM, gypsum, aluminium, bitumen and rusty substrates
  • Fast and easy application even at low temperatures (-40 degrees)
  • Life expectancy of OVER 30 YEARS!!

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