Below asphalt waterproofing

Our system is unlike any system currently available on the South African market, and is a completely primer – less system. This saves the Asset owner and Maintenance Team invaluable amounts of time and inconvenience, because a system that can be applied efficiently with minimal interference, ultimately saves on labour costs, and has the parking area returned to normal in as short amount of time as possible.

Because the product is 100% Eco-Friendly, there are no additional risks to the construction site, as none of the material requires a heat application. Further more, we have an in house Safety Team, that encompasses all of the Occupational Health and Safety requirements needed to run a safe and efficient site at all times.

With our full turnkey operation, our industry professionals will have the removal of an existing asphalt or paving slab done quickly, with rubble removal done swiftly and quietly. Thereafter, a clean surface will allow us to apply the waterproofing material, and straight after that- the installation of the Asphalt can commence immediately with no lengthy waiting periods or downtime! A large parking area can be completed in a mere matter of months, with handover back to the Asset Owner happening seemingly as fast as it was closed off.

Overall, our system is completely reliable, with a proven track record of no waterproofing failures, and brilliant service provided to our clients at all times, throughout the process.

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