Site management

Our Site Mangers are prepped and understand that the client’s needs are of paramount importance, ensuring that production deadlines are met, and that budgets are adhered to wherever possible. We pride ourselves on implementing quality control measures by means of intricate systems, and that general safety measures are prevalent, and compliant always.  Wherever possible, we encourage open discussions with the relevant safety officers and inspectors as frequently as required, and take on all necessary adjustments and improvements for optimal site performance.

Our Site Managers will ensure that the task of managing day to day operations are completed diligently, while overseeing that all objectives are met effectively, and resolving any disputes or problems that arise along the way.

Having a qualified Site Manger and waterproofing contractor on your team, that understands the day to day intricacies of the logistical and operational requirements of a construction site, is an asset to any project management team!

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